Knightlife is a group for 14-18 year olds held at Knighton Free Church. We meet on Friday nights from 8pm-10pm. Knightlife is a great way to meet people who are the same age as you, have fun together as well as discuss and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ in more depth. We spend time in discussions, hear different talks from God’s word, we have relaxed café evenings, games and other exciting events and socials, as well as our famous ‘Knightlife Weekends Away’.

This years weekends Away are:
5th-7th November 2021
18th-20th March 2022
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Find out details for each week on our social media:
Instagram: ‘knightlifeyouth’
Facebook ‘Knightlife Now!’
or message Karen on 07746637651 to be added to our WhatsApp Group