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Dignity: What does it even mean?

Back in May I was given the great blessing of being able to attend the triennial conference of the International Christian Alliance against Prostitution and Trafficking, held in the United States. It was a great joy to gather together with hundreds of other people working around the world for projects similar to Saffires, seeking freedom More

The difference Jesus makes to sex and relationships

This post was adapted from a talk given at Knightlife in February 2017.   Lots of people in the world, and maybe even you, think that God is just a big kill-joy who is only interested in restricting our sexual appetites and consigning us to a life of sexual boredom or impossible abstinence. After all, More

Lent Bible Reading Challenge

The Russian tennis player Vera Zvonareva was a finalist at Wimbledon in 2010.  She had previously had a reputation for cracking on court. She would often be in tears, and her game would disintegrate. One of the techniques that she used to turn her career round was to put a towel over her head during More