Ukraine appeal

The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking, with hundreds and thousands of women and children fleeing their war-torn homes. Within a matter of weeks, their lives have been turned upside down.

Whilst there are many efforts to help these refugees, the strain on neighbouring countries is immense. Many ordinary people are having to pull together to provide housing, food and support, and many charities, such as the Red Cross, are making huge efforts to raise money to help. Many have been moved to support in this difficult time and I’m sure many of you are wanting to find ways to help.

Help on the ground…

One of the main routes to help the Ukrainian refugees is through the many churches near the borders. Knighton Free Church in Leicester has had longstanding links with Romania, and some of its Romanian members come from an area near the southern Ukrainian border. Through these contacts, we have made links with the churches there who are providing support to those fleeing and there is an opportunity for a small team from Leicester to travel to the area to offer material and practical support on the ground.

Through this link and at the request of the church out there, five volunteers from Knighton Free Church are planning to travel out for a week to take donations and help in any way possible. Each of the team have previously visited Romania to volunteer in other church and social projects.

They will be travelling to Galati in South-East Romania on the 30 March – 6 April to support Emanuel church. Whilst the team will be covering all of their own costs, funds are needed to ensure refugees can continue to be supported. All donations will go directly to support the refugees coming over the border.

Emanuel Church, Galati (

Emanuel church has converted its two buildings into a hostel to house refugees and is providing food, clothes and counselling, amongst other things. They are transporting people from the border and have connected with multiple restaurants that are offering free meals. Through their links with other churches further inland, they can offer advice and other practical support. Currently, they are housing between 60 – 100 refugees who tend to stay around 2 days before moving on to other places within Romania and further afield. The love this church is showing those refugees is huge and we can partner with them financially and in prayer.

How will the UK team help…

Our time there will be directed by the operations of the supporting church and the exact help needed may change according to the present needs. We have been in constant talks with them, and the main ways of support are:

  • Using donations to purchase items needed for the refugees, such as food, clothing and bedding
  • Helping practically with operations, such as converting rooms to bedrooms, building bedrooms, and helping with cleaning demands etc.
  • Spiritually & pastorally engaging with and encouraging the refugees and helping to provide activities for the children
  • Creating links with the church and local businesses that are supporting the refugees that could potentially lead to longer-term collaboration
  • Understanding the complex situation and sharing with home supporters to raise more direct awareness of things on-the-ground
  • The leaders out there are keen for there to be multiple trips, and this first visit may lead to such a connection and allow us to assess the feasibility and benefit of this relationship.

Please pray

  • Please pray that God would draw close to the refugees fleeing and embolden the men who stay behind.
  • Please pray that God would strengthen the churches along the border and continue to refresh their souls in the relentless task ahead.
  • Please pray that the refugees would be blessed spiritually and know the love that God has for them.
  • Please pray for the trauma these refugees may face following on from the immediate crisis, and for the kindness shown by Romanians to continue.
  • Please pray that God would give the leaders in Galati and the team great wisdom and insight to see the best ways to bless those in so much need.

Please donate

We would like to raise as much funding as we can from the UK to go directly to the needs of the refugees. Being a small team who can fund our own travel and sustenance for the trip, we have the advantage of zero overheads and so all funds raised will go to supporting the refugees. Through this project, we can show a little of the love we have received from our heavenly father, with these people in desperate need. We can’t solve the refugee crisis, but we can make a huge difference to those who will receive food, shelter, and pastoral support at such a tough time.

Donations will be channelled through Knighton Free Church so that we can add 25% to the donation through gift-aid.

Thank you for your willingness to give and let’s come together to support the huge refugee crisis continuing to unfold in Ukraine!

Please donate by following this link:

Thank you.

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