Overcoming Depression

Depression – Dave Burke

The five ways to well-being

Dave mentioned five ways to wellbeing






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Five ways to mental wellbeing

Depression – encouragement to get started

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Personal Experiences

What does depression feel like?

It can be difficult to describe depression and therefore difficult to understand. This personal description helps to capture how many aspects of a person’s being can be affected.

‘At its worst I feel I am living in black treacle. My limbs feel heavy, even simple tasks are like mountains that need to be climbed. I cannot concentrate on anything and am unable to make even the simplest decision so that even shopping becomes an impossible task. I feel worthless and hopeless. I am always tired and never feel rested. At times I cannot make sense of conversation. I am inclined to feel a failure as a Christian finding it difficult if not impossible to pray. I can read the Bible but take nothing in and am unable to recall what I have read. Alongside the sense of failure comes an overwhelming sense of guilt. My attention always focuses on the problems, or the things that have gone wrong.

The emotional pain of deep depression is real, cumulative, ever present, and seemingly endless. 

Depression -symptoms

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