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In Him was Life

I love those words, ‘In him was life and that life was the light of all mankind’ (John 1:4). I find it completely captivating. What does it mean that in Jesus was life? Jesus contains physical life. He is the author of life (Acts 3:15) and thereby has the power to create life. He was More

Identity in Christ – Who Am I?

We all answer millions of questions in our lifetime but few questions are more important than the one which seeks to make sense of our identity. The question which asks Who am I?  Our answer informs many important decisions and is strongly linked to our sense of belonging and well being. And yet despite its More

A Light in the Darkness

I guess, like me, you crave the light on these dark mornings. As we watch longingly, the sky eventually gets lighter and then, the sun rises and light bursts through the clouds and mist; the world springs into life, we feel alive, free! In John chapter 1, Jesus is described as light and life. The More

Our Daily Bread

Last Sunday Jon Barrett was speaking to us from the Lord’s Prayer,  “Give us today our daily bread.” A daily prayer of dependence and reliance on our Father, to give us what we need. And what we need most of all…is Jesus. Any Christian will be quick to tell you of the importance of both More

Afraid to die – yet afraid to live

18 months ago I realised I was terrified of dying. The circumstances are not important but when confronted with my mortality I discovered that I was not ready to die and it really shook my faith. I thought if, when all is said and done, I’m this afraid of dying then is my faith real.  More

Interview with Chitra

Chitra is a colleague of Patrick and Deb Bryan. She is a mother, teacher and trainer. Her background is in social work and she is part of the leadership team of Interserve India. In this video Deb asks Chitra what life is like in India at the moment and how the coronavirus is impacting the More


Ignite hasn’t stopped!  We’ve just moved online. Ignite is our youth group for young people aged 11-14 yrs old and it is alive and kicking! Games, talks & challenges and much more can be found at  Just email to get the password to enter!    

Book Review – Tales that Tell the Truth (The Good Book Company)

I was so encouraged recently by talking to a dad at church about how he is working hard with his son to introduce him to the bible and how they are learning together about God’s goodness to them. And I’m sure so many families across our church family are trying to do the same. There More

Ethiopia Video Blog

Video blog from Mike and Karen visiting Ethiopia through Compassion, sharing their experience:

From Tremor to Trust

From Tremor to Trust If you saw Jonny Acheson on Tuesday evening speaking about how he is coping since being diagnosed with Young onset Parkinsons – then this is a video that he has put together which explains more: