KFC Logos

The KFC logo is designed to be in white on a coloured, textured or photographic background like this:
KFC logo samplesKFC logo samples

Preferred logo

This version is the preferred logo for all uses. It is white on a transparent background, and is designed so that the photograph, colour or texture below the logo shows through the transparent portions of this image.

(Right-click on the image and select “save target as…” or “save link as…”)

If the above version is not appropriate for your use, please contact us, or if necessary, use an alternative version from the table below. Further details about using the KFC logo are available in this PDF.

Alternative logo

Use one of these versions if the version above is not suitable.

Stacked version
Wide version
(if stacked is not appropriate)
White on transparent
(preferred version)

Standard Small

Standard Small
Black on transparent
(if white is not appropriate)

Standard size Small size

Standard size Small size