We are now meeting back in the church building on Sunday mornings and evenings! Our services are streamed to our YouTube channel.

On Sunday evenings, we have our new evening meeting which we are calling The Seven. It will last about 60 minutes. Watch this video explaining the new format.

What can I expect if I come?

No matter which gathering you come to, there will always be a few friendly people on the door to welcome you and, if you are new, show you where everything is and answer any questions you might have.

We love to sing and praise God in our gatherings, and the congregational singing is led by one of our church bands, made up of regular attenders of the church. Most of the songs we sing are contemporary, although we always enjoy singing traditional hymns here and there as well.

Every gathering also has a talk from part of the bible; these will last between 20 minutes and half an hour and will explore what God wants to say to us about how amazing he is and what it means to live as a Christian in the modern world. If you can’t make a gathering, all our talks are recorded and can be found in the talks section of the website.

We try to make the gatherings varied and interesting since we want it to be enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds. We want to be lively and contemporary, but also reverent and God centered.

What should I wear?

Our aim is that you can feel comfortable in our gatherings whatever you are wearing, whether you choose to wear shorts or suits. Most people will be dressed pretty casually, although some dress up. It’s completely up to you!

What is there for children and young people?


For children aged 0-4, held in the downstairs hall. At this stage, we are asking that all children are accompanied by a parent/carer. The creche room will be available throughout the service, but feel free to be in the main auditorium for the start of the service if you prefer.

Sunday Club

For children aged 5-11 (primary school age) held in the upstairs hall. Please bring your children into the service to begin with, they will head out to the back during the sermon.

KYP2 boys/girls

There will be no KYP groups over the summer.