Knighton Homes

Knighton Homes is a community of 25 bungalows and flats, completed in 2004. It was set up to provide supported retirement accommodation in a Christian environment for older members of the KFC family – who now make up the majority of the residents, supplemented by others who are linked to various local churches.


The development is situated round the corner from KFC, at Muston Gardens, off Welford Road. Knighton Evangelical Care Ltd manage the project and retain ownership of the land, with two of the Company Directors also being Trustees of the Church’s interest. Some properties are rented, while others are purchased by the residents on long-term leases. All residents also pay a service charge to employ a part-time Warden, and for the maintenance of landscaped areas and other communal services which are contracted from a specialist provider.

There is a real sense of belonging, with regular social activities which include films and talks in ‘the Den’, shopping trips and their own monthly magazine. Many residents are still actively involved in the wider community. For others, assistance including help with transport is provided by the ‘Friends of Knighton Homes’, a group of volunteers from within the church. A guest room is also available for overnight visitors.

Kathryn Briggs shares her views on life at Knighton Homes;

“I have been living at Knighton Homes for just over 3 years.  I actually wondered if I was too young to move into a Warden-assisted facility! I was still working at the time – but God gave me a particular promise and I knew it was the right thing to make the move.


It’s great to have such good neighbours – folk who are kind, thoughtful and friendly. It’s also an advantage to live amongst people from different church families. While there is a strong sense of community at Muston Gardens, we are all independent and, since most of us have good friends living off-site, this keeps a balance and avoids a cloistered atmosphere.

One of the great bonuses is to have Jules as our Warden in the office on Weekday mornings.

There is a waiting list to buy or to rent properties as they become available, and a minimum age of 55 applies.
If you are interested in adding your name to the list, please contact Jules at the Warden’s Office – Tel: 0116 288 7361