Home Groups

We realise that no life is the same as another, so trying to force everyone into a mould is not helpful.  If you make Knighton Free Church your home, then your experience will look different depending on whether you are a single mother or an elderly person or a university student.  It might be helpful though to think in terms of three areas: attending a Sunday gathering, joining a small group, serving in a ministry.


Small groups are not just an added extra they are essential for our life as a Christian.  Things that we cannot do at a Sunday gathering we can do in a small group.  Apply the Bible specifically to our lives, use our gifts to serve one another, support one another as we reach out to the world.  We can help to disciple one another just as effectively as we stand at a sink and wash up as we can studying the Bible together.  To quote Chester and Timmis, discipleship is an everyone thing and an everyday thing.


We have a range of groups at Knighton.  There is a men’s group and a women’s group that meets during the day.  There are groups that meet every fortnight in the evenings for prayer, Bible study and encouragement.  Some groups meet every week and eat together.


If you contact us through this website we will meet with you and talk over which would be best suited for you.