Who is this Jesus?

In Colossians 2:9 Paul says of Jesus, ‘In him all the fullness of the deity lives in bodily form’. I think this means that he is perfectly God, and as such, he is perfect in every aspect of his character. Everything he is, he is to the max, to the extreme;

His authority is ultimate, his supply is bountiful, his victory permanent, his generosity never runs dry, he is exemplary, exceeding in greatness, abundant in kindness, he does everything to the highest standard. He is the champion of heaven, boundless in freedom, name above all names, he is the alpha and omega, uncontainable in his glory, perfect in holiness, infinite in power. He is all surpassing, incomparable, indescribable, awesome king. There is no one like him! Deeply satisfying, water of life whose springs never run dry, all knowing, all present, mighty God.

Can you imagine being there when Jesus was here on earth? Every word he spoke would be full of power and authority. He was the healer, the one who drove out demons, the one who fed the crowds miraculously, the one who turned the water into wine. Yes, many just wanted the thrill of miracles and what Jesus could do for them. But then there would be the genuine followers who would be drawn to him, to spend time in his presence. I imagine him to be full of joy, dynamic, authentic, an attractive personality, lively, animated, spirited, courageous, a man of integrity, open, warm, kind, gentle, generous, full of fun, compassionate and unassuming. Loyal, patient, pure, totally at peace; nothing ruffled him. Are you there with the genuine followers, really wanting to get to know Jesus and to invite him to know you?

As you allow him to get into a conversation with you, one to one, just you and him, the topic becomes serious, personal, intimate, directed, somewhat difficult as you find that he knows all about you. He knows your past, what has shaped who you’ve become, your present concerns, your future dreams and aspirations, your worries. You find that he knows your weaknesses, your secret sins. Nothing is hidden from him, not even your thoughts. Everything is laid bare. Yet rather than judgement, you realise he is kind, gentle, merciful.

You find you can trust him and talk with a depth of honesty you’ve never experienced with anyone before. He speaks, his light illuminates your life, the darkness of sin is exposed and you repent. As you do so, you experience his forgiveness and cleansing. You bear witness that in Jesus is life, the very life of God flows from his mouth. Abundant life pours out from his lips bringing you wholeness.

Action: Spend some time with Jesus, just you and him. Open his word and invite him to speak to you by the power of the Holy Spirit. What is he saying to you?

Come back next time and let’s look in on some of Jesus encounters as recorded in the gospels…

Rebekah Jasper

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