The heart that wags the tongue

I regularly read the BBC Magazine, a sort of online Sunday Supplement except that it’s published every day. On Friday the writer, Al Kennedy, wrote a point of view entitled ‘Why gossip has to stop’. You can read it here:

I was interested because Ms Kennedy is not as far as I know a Christian but she has seen how rotten gossip is and how damaging it can be to a community.

We’ve been thinking about the way our tongues work as we’ve looked at the book of James on Sunday evenings. Perhaps the most important thing we learnt was that it is the heart that wags the tongue. I can try and control my tongue through pure self will but it won’t work James says because ‘no-one can tame the tongue’ 3:8.

So what do we do? We need to first have that new heart that Ezekiel promised for the followers of Christ Ez 36:26. Then, it is possible with the help of the Spirit to start using that powerful organ for good, for the kingdom of God, to encourage and build up, to gossip the gospel.

If you want a good book then I would recommend: Resisting Gossip: winning the war of the wagging tongue by Matthew Mitchell available from CLC or any good online bookstore.