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Something to HELP you pray

One of the best things I have read on prayer in a long, long time: “Prayer is essential for the Christian, as much for what it says about us as for what it can do through God. The simple act of getting on our knees (or faces or feet or whatever) for 5 or 50 More

Help with young children

Have a look at this blog post here Some wise advice for those going insane with busyness, it’s a bit American but if you translate it then there is some good stuff.

New mission website with a difference

Have a look at this site A friend set it up and he describes it like this “This blog, going global, was set up out of a desire to promote interest in global needs and to raise awareness of all that God is doing around the world. Itƒ??s all about mission.”

Death and life at the British Museum

Last week Carol and I went to London for a few days to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We had a great time just roaming around old haunts together but for a few hours Carol went to Liberty’s and I dived off to the British Museum with my Day One guide. To be honest I More

The Internet: Good, the bad and the ugly

One Tuesday night we assembled loads of laptops and had a workshop on the Internet. If you want to see the sites we were looking at then log on to: and use the password 1 You’ll see different tabs on the top of the web page Ugly – we looked at the dark side More

Money and students

Just picked this up on a website and very good followup for our series on money.

Why I don’t like Bible Study!

Sometime we will put up a list of blogs and we’ll certainly be sharing them on Tuesday March 31st when we look at Internet: good, the bad and the ugly. One great blog is Digital H20 by Marcus Honeysett. Marcus is the director of the training ministry Living Leadership. Recently he has posted on Bible More

Money resources

If you want to follow up the sermons we’ve been having on money and you’re looking for some good resources try these: has some great resources on all manner of different issues. It is run by Care for the Family. Click on money and there are some great videos amongst other things. this More

Don’t waste your cancer

Kalev Ots was preaching on Romans 5:1-11 this Sunday. In the sermon he referred to an article by John Piper called Don’t waste your cancer. Piper had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer before he wrote this. Have a read and see what you think. You may not agree with all of it but More

The Grace of Giving

The first two Sundays in April we are trying together to get a Christian view of giving. If you want to dig into Scripture and find out more then one of the best resources was written by John Stott and made available by the Langham Parternship ( and the Lausanne Movement ( You can download More