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Taking risks for the Kingdom

I spent a very happy four days speaking at the West Cornwall Convention at the start of September. Whilst there it was a delight to be involved in a Peninsula Gospel Partnership day What struck me was the risks that the different churches were making in order to help Cornwall here the good More

Open Hands at Christmas

One of the organisations that Knighton works with is Open Hands. We are very pleased to work with a charity that seeks to help people in Leicester in lots of different ways. Today there is much on the news about how some people are dependent on Food Banks to feed them. Open Hands has been More

A hunger for God

I don’t know about you but I want to pray more but fail so miserably at it. I talked to Warran Fawcett recently and he echoed it. ‘There are three good books out on prayer,’ he said, ‘and I intend to read them all.’ I’m going to try and do the same and also use More

Follow up from Nehemiah and James sermons

FOR NEHEMIAH 8 SERMON Books to help with family devotions (please note you can order all of these from CLC in town and support local and global mission) For personal Bible study Try Everyday in the Word where you read a little of OT, NT, Psalm and Proverb each More

Save the Christians of the Middle East

A number of emails have gone around recently about the situation in Iraq and Syria which have proved to be either out of date or false. If you want up to the minute information that is reliable then do have a look at the Barnabas Fund Web site In particular have a look at More


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One body – please help Aasia Bibi now

You may have heard of the case of Aasia Bibi who was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. This carries the death penalty but for some years now her lawyers have been appealing it. Last week her appeal was refused by the High Court in Lahore. Will you stand with her now and do all you More

Coming soon…Capturing Love 2015

Last year we ran a photo competition called Capturing Hope. We got people to capture in a photograph what hope means to them. We printed 20 off, displayed them and had a prize giving event. This year we want to run it again – only better! Capturing Love is what it says – capture what More

Helping others help themselves

Mike Davies, a member of Knighton, is a doctor who has worked with PRIME for a number of years. PRIME consists of professional healthcare educators who are all Christians and want to support and encourage those involved in healthcare in countries where even basic healthcare may not exist. They run conferences in different parts of More

Test the spirits

During the sermon this morning on 1 John 4:1-6 I mentioned the need for us to grow in our knowledge of doctrine and truth. Below are just a few books and talks that might provide a starting point for you. If know of any others that should be here then please let me know. Why More