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Thinking biblically about politics

By now you are probably fed up with all the coverage of the election. It’s everywhere isn’t it? TV, radio, newspapers, internet, emails. There is no escape. There’s now even a way for journalists to create their own brief broadcast through Twitter. As a Christian we are not immune to feelings of frustration or apathy More

Reaching out to women involved in prostitution

I met up with Becky and Sarah earlier this week to talk about their exciting new ministry reaching out to women involved in prostitution in Leicester. Listen to a short interview.  

Loving the Way Jesus Loves by Phil Ryken

Book Review: Loving the Way Jesus Loves by Phil Ryken

This is not a girly book. I know, I was apprehensive at first as well. A book which has “love” in the title once, let alone twice, is clearly aimed at the female audience, right? Wrong. In our culture, love has become something wishy-washy, something touchy-feely, something mainly for women and best to be ignored More


Day of Prayer Sat 21st March

Had you ever thought how privileged you are to have been able to hear the good news of Jesus Christ? To have heard who God is, why this world is as it is and what He has done to rescue it. To know that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God sent into More


A ‘must’ blog site

My friend John Stevens, who is the National Director of the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) blogs regularly at and has the ability to write quickly but very thoughtfully about different issues in our society. You may not always agree with him but he will provoke you to think and most important think More

Resources for Genesis

Below are some great resources for the series we are doing on Sunday evenings in Genesis 1-11. Good book to introduce you to the arguments Great website that will help you think about some of the arguments Jon Barretts, vicar of Thurnby, excellent introductory talk to the series they did last More

Love in 2015

As I write this the deadline for entering photos for Capturing Love is drawing near and I’m wondering what to submit. What picture would encapsulate what it means to love? Hopefully on Sat 17th Jan we’ll get to see lots of examples, why not come along and bring some friends, it promises to be a More

Getting into the Bible 2015?

Have a look at this site You’ll find lots of ideas for reading the Bible including apps, Scripture memory and prayer

More of Genesis

Used a table about form and filling from Genesis 1 which you can find here We’ve also got a Question and Answer session 4.30-6pm Sunday 8th February at the church building. Do text your questions to 0782 56 99 475 or email to