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Why do you love your house group?

Knighton people share why they love being part of a home group. If you’re not part of a home group, why not consider joining one? We have home groups that meet on different days and at different times, consisting of people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Contact Church Office for more information.

Ann’s story

Ann talks about how she has grown in her faith through learning more about the Bible.

Laura’s story

Laura shares about when she first went along to church as a young child.

Margaret’s story

Margaret describes the moment ‘the penny dropped’ and she realised that Jesus really is alive.

George’s story

George talks about how he was introduced to Jesus by the cook and butler of a big house where he worked.

Alwyn’s Ethiopia Video Diaries

Pray for Al Abraham who is visiting Gondar, Ethiopia with an orthopaedic team from Leicester. You can watch his video diaries here.

Pauline’s story

Pauline shares the story of how she came to know Jesus as her Saviour, and how her faith has helped her to get through some difficult days.

Mike and Dawn Partridge catch up with Andy Upton

At a recent weekend away, Andy Upton had the opportunity to meet Mike and Dawn Partridge, who met through leading Knightlife a number of years ago! Mike is now pastor of Rock Baptist Church in Cambridge. Hear about their experiences of church planting and the role that the FIEC has played in enabling them to More

An update from Michael Ots, Summer 2015

Andy Upton chats to Michael Ots (Motsy) in Bournemouth and finds out what’s coming up for him over the next few months.   If you’d like to receive prayer updates from MOET (Michael Ots Evangelism Trust), then please e-mail the Church Office.

Prayer for Leicestershire, 7th June 2015

On the 7th June, churches from all over Leicestershire will be joining together at All Nations Church from 7.30pm – 9.00pm to pray for our city and nation. Please come along if you can! This video features highlights from the January gathering, including soundbites about why people think it’s important that we get together to pray for our city. More