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Saffires celebration talk One year ago, Sarah and I were just two women with an armful of policies we’d spent 18 months preparing and a calling from God to take the good news about Jesus to the women of Leicester’s sex industry. We had no idea what to expect, how we’d be received, or even More

10 Commandments: ONE no other gods

What is an idol? As we looked at the first of the Ten Commandments yesterday we talked about how idols can so easily take the place of God in our hearts. So we look to them for help or blessing, something we live for or follow, depend or rely on. That means it is not More


I’ve been thinking today about a story in the bible (Mark 5:21-43 if you were interested). Jesus has been approached by Jairus – a religious leader, a V.I.P. Why? Because Jairus’ daughter is sick. In fact she’s dying. It’s a heartbreaking story. And Jesus is moved. So he goes with Jairus to heal her daughter. More

Brexit or Bremain?

On June 23rd the country has to decide whether we remain in the EU or leave.  But of course you knew that because every day we are bombarded with more and more information as the arguments get increasingly heated and desperate.  Some will have already decided what they are going to vote.  Many will not More

Church Away Day 2016

Thank you to all of those who attended our Church Away Day 2016 at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham. We had a fantastic time together.   In the morning, George Hawkins, senior minister of Beeston Free Church gave a very engaging talk on the topic of ‘Creatures of Longing – the woman at the well’. You can download his More

The care system, the church, and the call to arms

I am lamenting the passing of romance in our house. We have been married 13 years now; so no more need for gushing cards with sentimental thoughts, a dozen red roses, candlelit meals. Plus, we now have two kids in the house, and two cats, so practically speaking, it’s hard to pursue any idea of More

How will it all end?

On Sunday, we will come to the end of our series on Revelation that started last autumn.  I wonder how you’ve found looking at the last book of the Bible? It can be confusing at times so we’ve tried to take big chunks to get the big picture and not get lost.     There More

Capturing Peace 2016

Some of the beautiful photos which featured in Capturing Peace 2016.       Congratulations to Amit for coming first place in our photography competition!

Coffee and conversation in a massage parlour

“What does Jesus think about prostitution and heaven?” How would you answer this question if you were sitting in a massage parlour where you know sex is being sold? It’s a loaded question which needs to be answered sensitively and succinctly. We probably didn’t answer it particularly well, but we were caught off guard by More

Tools to help you read the Bible in 2016

In our family service on December 27th, we thought about how we could keep our eyes fixed on Jesus in 2016 (see Hebrews 12:1-2 for more information), and concluded that one of the best ways to do this was to spend regular time reading God’s Word.