Our Daily Bread

Last Sunday Jon Barrett was speaking to us from the Lord’s Prayer,  “Give us today our daily bread.” A daily prayer of dependence and reliance on our Father, to give us what we need. And what we need most of all…is Jesus. Any Christian will be quick to tell you of the importance of both prayer and reading the Bible, but many would also agree that keeping it a regular part of their daily routine is often one of the hardest struggles in their Christian walk.

Having spoken to a number of you over the last few weeks we have put together a list of what people have found to be the most helpful resources in encouraging them to spend time with God, both in his word and in prayer. These have been suggested by a wide range of people and cover a wide range of formats, from personal mediation to group conversations, and so we hope that there is something here that could be used to aid and encourage you in your own daily Christian walk. 


  • Lectio 365 – Daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day Apple | Android
  • Bible In One Year – Takes you through the bible in a year with daily readings, thoughts and prayers. (Also an express version that only takes 10 min a day) Apple | Android
  • WhatsApp – Create a prayer group of three or four people with whom you can share bible verses and pray together regularly. You could also create a group where you can discuss the sermon together as you watch it live.  
  • Operation World – Pray for a different country of the world everyday of the year. Apple| Android 
  • Soultime – Guided Christian meditations on stress, anxiety, sleep, and much more. Apple | Android (Full app has a subscription fee). 
  • First5 – Daily bible reading app that takes around 5 mins to complete. Also includes a 15 min version with discussion questions. Apple | Android


  • TheFuelCast – Free inspirational discipleship video every weekday of the year. Sign up with your email here
  • The Lord’s Prayer – An 8 week video series through the Lord’s Prayer by Pete Grieg Watch online here. If you want to be part of a WhatsApp group with others who are working through the series then sign up here.
  • The Bible Project –  Receive a weekly email that takes you through the bible in a year by watching videos and reading passages of scripture. Sign up online


  • Reading between the lines – A series of daily devotional studies by Glen Scrivener which takes you through either the old or the New Testaments in a year. Buy it online Old Testament | New Testament
  • My Rock My Refuge – A year of daily devotionals that walk you through the Psalms by Tim Keller. Can be bought online
  • The Way of Wisdom – A year of daily devotionals in the book of proverbs by Tim Keller. Can be bought online
  • An Ocean of Grace – Daily devotions and prayers, reflecting on Easter. By Tim Chester. Can be bought online.
  • Hope When it Hurts – Biblical reflections to help you grasp God’s purpose in your suffering Can be bought online


  • The Bible In A Year – A podcast including scripture Readings, reflections and guided prayer.  Sign up here


Josh Wynn

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