Lent Bible Reading Challenge

The Russian tennis player Vera Zvonareva was a finalist at Wimbledon in 2010.  She had previously had a reputation for cracking on court. She would often be in tears, and her game would disintegrate. One of the techniques that she used to turn her career round was to put a towel over her head during breaks. She would block out the world around her and focus on what mattered.

Why not use Lent to do the spiritual equivalent?  First deliberately block out the world: for just 15 minutes unplug the TV, turn off the phone, switch off the radio, put down the newspaper.  Second pick up your Bible and use the plan below to read Matthew’s gospel before Easter.  Think of God’s word as a towel you can put over your head for a few moments so you focus on Him!

Mar-01Mt 1:1–25Mar-16Mt 12:22–45Mar-31Mt 21:1–17
Mar-02Mt 2:2–18Mar-17Mt 12:46–13:17Apr-01Mt 21:18–32
Mar-03Mt 2:19–3:17Mar-18Mt 13:18–35Apr-02Mt 21:33–22:14
Mar-04Mt 4:1–22Mar-19Mt 13:36–58Apr-03Mt 22:15–46
Mar-05Mt 4:23–5:20Mar-20Mt 14:1–21Apr-04Mt 23:1–39
Mar-06Mt 5:21–42Mar-21Mt 14:22–15:9Apr-05Mt 24:1–31
Mar-07Mt 5:43–6:24Mar-22Mt 15:10–39Apr-06Mt 24:32–25:13
Mar-08Mt 6:25–7:23Mar-23Mt 16:1–20Apr-07Mt 25:14–46
Mar-09Mt 7:24–8:22Mar-24Mt 16:21–17:13Apr-08Mt 26:1–30
Mar-10Mt 8:23–9:13Mar-25Mt 17:14–18:9Apr-09Mt 26:31–46
Mar-11Mt 9:14–38Mar-26Mt 18:10–35Apr-10Mt 26:47–68
Mar-12Mt 10:1–31Mar-27Mt 19:1–15Apr-11Mt 26:69–27:10
Mar-13Mt 10:32–11:15Mar-28Mt 19:16–30Apr-12Mt 27:11–44
Mar-14Mt 11:16–30Mar-29Mt 20:1–19Apr-13Mt 27:45–66
Mar-15Mt 12:1–21Mar-30Mt 20:20–34Apr-14Mt 28:1–20

Ask some questions to help you meditate on what you’ve read:

  1. What do I learn about God? How can I adore and praise Him?
  2. What do I learn about me? What do I need to change or obey?
  3. Who or what should I pray for now?

TIP 1: It might help you to listen to the Bible being read.  Go to biblegateway.com and find NIVUK version of the Bible and listen.

TIP 2: Or go to bibleinoneyear.org, download the app on to your phone and go to January 1.  There are three readings, focus on the NT ones from Matthew.  The app also has audio.  (Remember to put your phone on airplane mode!)

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