Facebook and social media

Social media has come from something that a few geeks used to do in the background to mainstream. It is the focus of TV and radio but it also fuels many shows with the audience being invited to give their say.

Undoubtedly the ability to connect like this can be a great force for good. There are downsides though. Here’s a an article by Tim Chester http://timchester.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/facebook-and-well-being/ In short it seems that Facebook fuels a ‘Fear of Missing Out’. As I sit in my room, staring at my laptop, it seems that everyone else is having so much fun – without me!

So should Christians pack up their computers and smart phones and go back to the Dark Ages? No, we have to live in the world, and part of our world today is digital. However we need to be salt and light wherever we are.