Brexit or Bremain?

On June 23rd the country has to decide whether we remain in the EU or leave.  But of course you knew that because every day we are bombarded with more and more information as the arguments get increasingly heated and desperate.  Some will have already decided what they are going to vote.  Many will not have done.  As the statistics are thrown back and forth it becomes harder and harder to know what is the truth.  Are we better off as a country in or out?  And what difference does it make being a Christian?


We want to put together a resource here that will help you think through this issue.


Steve Wilmshurst is the Director for Training at Kensington Baptist Church, Bristol.  He has written a very thoughtful article here which helps you to think through some of the issues from each side and then refers to some helpful articles.  It’s a great place to start if you’re confused.


Another good resource is The EU Referendum | CARE.


The Evangelical Alliance has looked at four themes relating to EU membership here.


Some interesting talks/seminars from other churches about the EU referendum can be found here and here.



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