Services at Knighton Free Church are open to any who wish to come. We are delighted that so many choose to do so, and we welcome all as members of the congregation. When someone decides to take the further step of applying for church membership, it’s a way of saying that they feel they belong here and want to give themselves wholeheartedly to the life and work of the church.

How do I become a member?

The procedure for becoming a church member is not complicated. Please e-mail the Church Office to request a membership application form. Once you have completed it and returned it, you’ll be contacted by one of the elders, who’ll arrange a convenient time to meet with you. The idea is to have a relaxed and informal conversation to hear about your own Christian experience, discuss how you might best play a role within the church, and also answer any questions you may have. He reports back to an Elders’ Meeting, and their recommendation is then taken to a church meeting, where each application is voted on. This gives present members an opportunity to learn something about new people coming into membership, but the vote itself is essentially a formality. The final step is that you’ll be welcomed in at a church service and will then hopefully feel even more a part of the body of Christ here at Knighton.

Who is it for?

Membership of Knighton Free Church is for anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her personal Saviour and who wishes to be part of a welcoming community helping to spread the Gospel and to support those in need.

What are the responsibilities?

In joining the church, members accept certain responsibilities, many of which they will probably already be fulfilling, but which they are now formally committing themselves to as part of the wider Knighton family. What is set out below is not a set of rules but some general principles of Christian living that we seek to live out before God and each other.

As members of Knighton Free Church, with God’s help and reliant on his Spirit, we endeavour to:

  • meet together regularly for worship, prayer and teaching, so that we may all grow in faith and Christian maturity;
  • pray for each other and for God’s work through the Church and in the wider world;
  • use the gifts God has given us to benefit the Church as a whole;
  • recognise our responsibility to love and care for each other and to encourage each other in the faith;
  • contribute prayerfully towards the Church’s financial needs;
  • support and pray for the leadership of the Church;
  • preserve the unity of the church as a group of people Christ has reconciled to God and to each other;
  • please God in all aspects of our lives as we try to live according to his word and bear witness to the good news of the Gospel.